About Paul


I became a therapist after struggling to find meaning in my own life. What I was doing and what I was working as was no longer healthy or growthful.

My way of working  is to help you discover and work through what needs discovering, or working through.  To do this we build a warm, accepting, non-judgemental and safe environment together so you can be supported to explore painful issues and feelings. In this way you can discover your own answers; what fits for you.

I call myself “a companion on the journey“, on your journey of understanding and healing. I’m there with you, helping and guiding but all the time allowing you to follow your own path, where ever that may take us.

A campion on the journey...
A companion on the journey…

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist holding an Honours Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling.