Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide – click to download PDF

Christmas is so often portrayed in the world as an idyllic, near perfect picture postcard; a bit like the pictures on a Christmas card itself. This can be pressure to ‘live up’ to what Christmas ‘should be’. This can be even more so for someone who already finds this time of year difficult.

It is a time when you may spend more time than usual with people you would not usually spend time with. This could be extended family and friends or also your immediate family.

As well as all of this, perhaps Christmas for you might bring up some anxieties, reminders from Christmas past, maybe it reminds you of loved ones who are no longer here?

My friend and peer, Deirdre Madden and I present a brief list of ways that you might find useful to help you ‘survive’ this time of year.

We hope that you can experience whatever Christmas means for you, as best you can. Our gift to you is that this might be easier for you having read our Survival Guide.