How do I know if you are a good match for me as a therapist?

The first visit gives you a chance to assess the therapist and get to know if they are the best fit for you. Most therapists are willing to meet with people and generally conduct a preliminary session. This session not only allows you to determine if the therapist is a best fit for you but also allows the therapist to decide whether they feel they can work with you. Below are some things you might consider asking or telling them in this first meeting:


Tell them why you have come to see them and that you are just ‘shopping around’. This will help the therapist know exactly what you want from that session.


Tell them why you want to be in therapy and ask if this fits in with their training.


Ask them what kind of therapy they suggest and how much is costs.


Be very aware of how you feel, you will be working with this person so try to get a sense of this person. It is normal to feel a little nervous and possibly a little uncomfortable; sharing personal information can be really difficult. However, listen to yourself, do you feel you could trust this person. You can even express how you are feeling and see how they deal with it.